Unlimited Potential

A data and information resource on young Australians.


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Unlimited Potential: A commitment to young Australians

Download the executive summary of the Unlimited Potential resource.

New Work Order: Ensuring young Australians have skills and experiences for the jobs of the future, not the past.

This report shows that  work is changing dramatically and is being shaped by three economic forces, automation, globalisation and collaboration.   young people. We need to start preparing our young people for jobs of the future, so they don’t get stuck in the past. Download the report to find out more.


The New Basics: Big data reveals the skills young people need for the New Work Order 

The New Basics, analyses big data to show for the first time that the New Work Order is here. The changes we have been predicting are now on our doorstep, affecting employers and job seekers across all industries, providing beyond doubt the growing demand from employers for young workers to have what we call enterprise skills. These are transferable skills that allow young people to be enterprising so they can navigate complex careers across a range of industries and professions.


Renewing Australia’s Promise 2014: Will Young Australians be better off than their parents?

This report supported by the National Australia Bank examines whether the current generation of young people are better or worse off than their parents. Download the report to find out about the prospects for the current generation of young Australians.


Renewing Australia’s Promise: Report Card 2016

This new report serves as an urgent reminder that far more needs to be done to address these challenges, to set up young Australians for a changing future and equip them to take our country forward. To turn the growing risks into opportunities, young people need to be placed at the centre of the national policy discussion.


Top 20 Data Sources relating to young people in Australia

We have selected the top twenty time series data sources to help you find out about young people in Australia. They cover a broad range of topics, such as population, health and wellbeing, employment, education, access to technology, political and community participation, voluntary work and issues of concern.

Report card 2015: How Young People are Faring in the Transition from School to Work 

This is the 17th annual release of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) report on young people’s transition from school to work (formally How Young People Are Faring).  It looks at key education and employment indicators, as well as transitions into the labour market.

Supporting data for How Young People are Faring in the Transition for School to Work 

Download the supporting tables for the report How Young People are Faring in the Transition from School to Work.


Jan Owen’s speech at the launch of Unlimited Potential and the Renewing Australia’s Promise report

Read Foundation for Young Australia’s CEO Jan Owen’s speech from the Melbourne launch of Unlimited Potential and the Renewing Australia’s Promise report.


Unlimited Potential Update: May 2015

Unlimited Potential is the Foundation for Young Australian’s commitment to young Australians. This dynamic multi-media site features analysis of the most recent data sets and research relating to young people, case studies of positive projects being run by and for young Australians, and policy recommendations for governments, businesses and community leaders.

We update this important resource quarterly to ensure the data is always current.


Unlimited Potential Update: July 2015

At FYA we seek to use the most up to date data and research to inform our work with young people. See our July additions to Unlimited Potential.