Future challenges for young people

This section examines: How the world of work is changing How young people can be enterprising How young people can lead social action How to connect young people with the region

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The Overview

Our future depends on young people creating a strong economy and civic society

We are not lacking in the dynamic forces needed to create the future. We live immersed in a sea of energy beyond all comprehension.

Thomas Berry, theologian

Young people can build a prosperous, equitable and interesting society

FYA believes Australia’s best future lies with a generation of young people that can create a prosperous and equitable society. While a good society will mean different things to different people, its foundations lie in:

  • a strong economy that provides people with a good material standard of living, generated through participation in work and education, and
  • a strong social and civic culture that provides a high quality of life in our communities, generated through people’s participation in “public life” including:
    • the contribution to others that fosters kindness, respect, reduces negative behaviours and creates a feeling of a meaning and purpose
    • decision-making that determines how societies distribute the resources that shape choices and opportunities and determine how we solve issues (Pope 2011).


Participation in work and public life in Australia is being reshaped by dynamics in the global economy. In the future, young people will need to be prepared:

  • For a changing world of work, because careers will happen in a much more complex, competitive and insecure labour market, and
  • To contribute and lead change because global challenges will only be resolved if young people find new ways of doing things – in business, communities, government and the global realm.

At FYA, we believe change is likely to continue into the future and we will need a generation of creative, innovative and optimistic young people to turn the challenges change presents into opportunities.

  1. Young people are a vital resource
  2. Future challenges for young people
  3. The transition from school to work
  4. Contributing to and leading change